How to get there....

Very easy....

- From the airport a taxi cost $ 70  (1 to 4 pers.) and it takes 2 hours. 

You can also take a taxi until the Mercado Huembes ($ 10 for 1 or 2 persons) and then a bus to San Juan Del Sur ($ 3/pers., 3 hours). A direct bus is possible at 10 a.m and 1:30 p.m, otherwise you will have to get another bus at the bus station of the market of Rivas.

Third option, a shuttle....please check

- From Granada a taxi cost  $ 50 (until 4 persons), 1 and a half hour.

The bus cost $ 2  until Rivas, then $ 1 to reach San Juan. 2 and a half hour trip.

A shuttle is also a good option...

- From San Jorge a taxi cost  $ 20 (until 4 persons) and it takes 35 minutes to reach San Juan.

A bus to Rivas ($ 1) and then another bus to San Juan is possible too.

- From the border (Peña Blanca) a taxi cost $ 20 (until 4 persons), 35 minutes.

The bus drops you in front of the market, from there you can walk 8 minutes or take a taxi for

$ 1/pers until Buena Onda Backpackers.

Don't get mad if you have to pay $ 1 extra for your backpack in the bus, it is normal.

Have a good trip !!!

Transports to the airport, Granada,

Popoyo, border and San Jorge are

possible directly from the hostel !!!

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